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Cagliari: between art and culture

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Cagliari: between art and culture

A historical and cultural journey that leads the visitor through the streets of the Castello district and its surroundings.


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Cagliari: between art and culture
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria

    The Cathedral of Santa Maria represents the Duomo of Cagliari. Built in the 13th century and renovated in various stages, the Duomo is the most important and famous monument in the Castello district and represents a true piece of history for the city.

  • Cittadella dei musei

    The Cittadella dei musei is the museum pole of the city of Cagliari, it represents the greatest complex of art, history and culture of the city and of all Sardinia.

    The Citadel hosts the following permanent exhibitions:

    • National archeologic museum
    • National art gallery
    • Clemente Susini museum
    • Stefano Cardu Siamese museum
    • Cocco collection museum
  • Municipal Gardens

    A green area of over 17.000 square meters full of ancient trees. The gardens were a typical nineteenth-century garden ideal for walks. From the entrance you go along a long tree-lined avenue that ends with the Municipal Art Gallery.

  • Municipal Art Gallery

    The Municipal Art Gallery is located inside the Municipial Gardens, at the end of the main walk. Inaugurated in 1933, it hosts numerous and valuable works by Italian and Sardinian artists.

  • CARTEC - Cave of Contemporary Art

    The underground cavity inside the Municipial Gardens consists of a set of large areas, which were built during the Middle Ages to extract blocks of building stone and used during the Second World War as anti-bomb shelters. Open to the public in 2015, they are dedicated to contemporary artistic experiments.

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