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About Us

About Us

A Destination For All Seasons

Cagliari Cruise Port is the company that manages the general services of the logistics platform for cruise ships in the port of Cagliari and which has built the new Terminal on the Rinascita Pier, inaugurated on 07/21/2016.

Since the end of 2016, Cagliari Cruise Port has been part of Global Ports Holding, the world's largest cruise port operator.

The mission in Sardinia is to increase passenger traffic in the capital to make it a privileged reference point for cruise lines, with the goal of becoming a Home Port. Also for this purpose, Cagliari Cruise Port carries out a constant activity of promotion of the port, of the city of Cagliari and of South Sardinia, with direct actions towards the Cruise Lines, with the organization of familiarization trips and through the participation in the most important international cruise fairs.

The quantity and the variety of the tourist destinations in Cagliari and its surroundings mean this port has incredible potential. The area offers destinations for cultural interest excursions (archaeological sites), scenic excursions (natural parks, marine protected areas, beaches) and food and wine tasting excursions. Cagliari offers all year round vibrant emotions and a lot of events, between tradition and innovation, such as the four days of worship, devotion and folklore in honor of the patron Saint Efisio.

The technical and nautical characteristics of the port, which can also safely accommodate the large ships of the latest generation, its rich infrastructure and the South Sardinia wide variety of shorex are the ideal requirements for the development of the local cruise sector. Moreover, the port of Cagliari is very close to Cagliari-Elmas International Airport, a short walk from the railway and bus stations and in the middle of the main road junctions.

Thanks to the promotional activity carried out by Cagliari Cruise Port and its company policy aimed at constantly improving the quality of services, more and more cruise lines have decided to include the port of Cagliari among their destinations.

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Let's Celebrate S. Efisio!

Famtrip organized with the collaboration of the Municipality of Cagliari, which saw the representatives of important Cruise Lines take part in the feast of Saint Efisio on May 1st.

Italian Cruise Day

The 2019 edition of Italian Cruise Day - the largest Italian cruise event - takes place on October 18th in Cagliari, in the spaces of the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi.

The Boaty Weekender

The splendid Norwegian Pearl arrives in Cagliari for two calls full of music and singers during the cruise festival called "The Boaty Weekender" organized by the Belle & Sebastian group.

Cagliari Cruise Port

Global Ports Holding acquired operation rights of Cagliari Cruise Port.

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