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Ancient Cagliari  & Botanical Gardens

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Ancient Cagliari & Botanical Gardens

A fascinating journey to discover the Roman Cagliari, starting from visiting the archaeological site of Tigellio Villa, passing through the Botanical Gardens, until reaching the majestic Roman Amphitheater.


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Ancient Cagliari  & Botanical Gardens
  • Tigellio Villa

    The Tigellio Villa is one of the most important archaeological site of Sardinia, bear witness to Roman expansion into the western part of the city of Cagliari. The Villa is actually an elegant Roman residential district built in the 1st century b.C., consisting of three domus.

  • Botanical Garden

    A large green space in the historic centre of Cagliari. The Botanical Garden covers an area of about five hectares and contains an enormous variety of plants from all over the world.

  • Roman Amphitheater

    The Roman Amphitheater in Cagliari is the most important and majestic public building in Sardinia in Roman times, an architectural masterpiece that held ten thousand spectators. It was built between the I and II century AD and still remains one of the most important attractions of the city.

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