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Bonaria area tour

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Bonaria area tour

The Bonaria area rises on the homonymous hill and in its immediate surroundings, in the south-eastern part of the built-up area of Cagliari. This area of the city holds some of the most precious jewels in the history of Sardinia, such as the Basilica of Bonaria.


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Bonaria area tour
  • Su Siccu Marina

    Suggestive walk along the dock.

  • Basilica di Bonaria

    The beautiful and majestic Basilica of Bonaria stands on a bright square, while endless steps descend from the hill almost to the sea of Su Siccu. Today, with the fourteenth-century sanctuary to its left, the Basilica represents the one of the main Christian temple of Sardinia.

  • Bonaria Park

    A quiet and peaceful park located near the Basilica of Bonaria. From the highest part of the park it is possible to admire a fantastic view of the city of Cagliari.

  • Monumentary Cemetery of Bonaria

    Located on the hill of Bonaria, the cemetery was used between 1829 and 1968 and today represents a real evocative open-air museum.

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